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For those friends, family and clients that have been following me on my PMU and SMP journey so far, you will know how passionate I am about what I do. It has therefore been a vital next step for me to create a professional online presence to align with my hard-earned professional training. I am so pleased to present my new website, Miss T’s Aesthetics!

I am so proud of this next stage of my journey and am looking forward to seeing more clients in my private studio. Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey thus far, including my models for lending their bodies to help me perfect my artistry.

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Your Artist

Miss T

A little about me – I am originally from Rhodesia, grew up in South Africa, and moved to the UK in 1997. Before pursuing my passion for helping folks look and feel their best, I had a career in international banking before consulting for private companies in various sectors. But this career path didn’t feel true to myself; what I wanted to do is make a difference in peoples lives, no matter how small.

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The Studio

Zen-like and tranquil to ensure you can relax for your treatment.

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The Equipment

Our Needles are 100% safe, used in a medical grade environment

NOUVEAU CONTOUR IQ is the machine I use to perform permanent makeup. Chosen due to its designated “Safe by design” from The Health and Safety Executive. It withstands the workload of a busy artist and is designed specifically for permanent makeup and medical tattooing. It has a precision needle control for fast, smooth and even pigment implantation and Auto-adjustable needle frequency. The nouveau contour IQ causes better healing and longer-lasting results.

CHEYENNE HAWK SPIRIT is the machine used for scalp micropigmentation. It has a complete all-in-one for all aspects of tattooing. It delivers fast strokes and quick punctures and reacts well to different skin types. The ergonomic handle allows for precision tattooing and is quiet when in operation, which also ensures comfort with a low level of vibration. 

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