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Invest in your hair, it's the crown you can't take off!

Scalp Micropigmentation, also known as SMP, has vastly become the world’s leading hair loss solution; the reason for this has been the non-surgical, non-invasive nature of the treatment as well as the realistic-looking results. Whether you are experiencing complete hair loss, having issues with diffuse thinning, or have scarring from injury or surgery, we are able to disguise the hair loss and make it almost unnoticeable.

SMP uses microneedles to tattoo pigment into the scalp to create the appearance of hair follicles, resulting in a fuller-looking head of hair. The procedure replicates natural hair follicles while strengthening and adding density to thinning areas. SMP is also suitable for men who have only minor thinning or recession of their hair.

The cost of treatment is worked out using the Norwood or Ludwig Hair Loss Scales and is calculated at the initial consultation.

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